The Newsletter
The Haven Program, a non-profit organization designed to rescue animals and to educate youth using with these animals in unconventional ways hosted a community awareness service project called "Be Cuz We Care" blanket drive.  Nearly 2 dozen people showed up to learn about the trades associated with sewing such as making upholstery, tent and canvas making or repairing, saddlery, fiber sources, clothing manufacturing, medical and veterinarian services, shoe and accessory manufacturing.  Jim Bilnoski from Ellicott, Colorado a soldier who served two terms in Iraq spoke on how much it meant to him to receive care packages from home.  He stated that these packages helped him feel that he hadn't been forgotten.  Mr. Bilnoski and his wife Catherine demonstrated how to sew assorted stitches on their sewing machine.  They, along with adult volunteers taught youth how to sew emblems onto blankets and to make pillows.  The youth then wrote letters to each soldier thanking them for their work.  Parents were excited in continuing these kinds of learning events and tentative ideas were suggested.
The summer of 2011 is busy as we are sponsoring young Intern who is learning about equine disciplines using our rescued horses.  This fall we are sponsoring an educational program and need to provide 5 horses for youth to use in their classes.  The hope is that these hands on workshops will inspire youth to open their horizons for opportunities that may involve the animal industry.   Some proposals include introducing youth to assorted trades, personal finance, household management, animal husbandry and fitness.  The purpose is to expose youth to assorted areas that will enhance their overall life skills and knowledge.  The goal of the program is to inspire youth to explore their gifts and talents and to develop strong communities.  Communcation using animals will be part of future projects to reach out to the presently unreachable.
A fund raiser is currently underway to sponsor an animal husbandry and ranch experience session that will include free horse back riding lessons and learning projects.  The event will be open to disabled or disadvanteged youth.  Please submit names and contact information of youth who could benefit from a "Day at the Ranch" experience.